6 Tips on how to date a Brazilian woman


1. Be confident and stay on top of your game

 Most Brazilian women have a soft corner for foreigners who are confident and have a positive attitude. Your acts should send the signal to them, you have an interest in the Brazilian women. Precisely, the local women love to hook up with the fun-loving foreigner. 

2. Be courteous

You should never touch the Brazilian women until she shows interest or gives you her consent to do so. Remember regardless of whether she is a straight woman or shy, the rule applies for everyone. 

3. Good cologne can do wonders

Well, it may sound strange, and you may recollect the scenario of ads showing women attracted to a male only because they smell good, this indeed works for Brazilian women. Your looks hardly matter to them; you need to smell good for making further inroads. 

4. Be enterprising and make the first move

To a certain extent, this point is synonymous to what we said initially. Any confident guy will like to take the initiative and the Brazilian women would love this attitude. 

5. Wear your best outfit

The first impression is the last impression in most cases, and the Brazilian women are no different. If you dress well, there is a good chance of winning the heart of your Brazilian counterpart. 

6. Be yourself in all aspects

The language can be a hurdle, as not many foreigners are comfortable speaking the local language. This can become your USP. You can utter some words of appreciation for the Brazilian woman you are eyeing. She will love it when she interprets the meaning.