6 Tips about Brazilian Dating Culture


1. Not as open-minded as you thought

If you are not familiar with the Brazilian dating culture, you do not stand a chance of succeeding. The dating culture in Brazil is markedly different from what you are used seeing in Western countries. 

Obviously, when you think of Brazil, events like the great carnival, samba, and the lovely beaches come to your mind. Looking at the dresses the Brazilian women wear, you may think they are open-minded and it is easy to woo them. But, this is an entirely wrong perception. Most of the Brazilians are Catholics, and they will not get intimate with strangers, particularly foreigners. 

2. Plan for the long run

Brazilian women, in particular, have a reputation for their sex appeal. However, as already mentioned, they are not open-minded; instead, they are relationship-minded. Therefore, you must aim in going for a permanent relationship and not a one-night stand. You must mingle with the family of your prospective date to make in-roads to their lives. The women, in particular, prefer entering a relationship and end up marrying the person. You will hardly succeed if you try to flirt with them. 

3. The difference in attitude of men and women

 Now, here you need to exercise caution. If you desire to date a Brazilian male make sure you gather all the information about him. Brazilian men tend to act very fast. They will invariably praise the beauty of all women they meet, and try to woo them. Precisely, they love to cheat. On the contrary, women prefer steady relationships that lead to marriage. Short-term relationships are alien in Brazil. You have to marry the Brazilian women you are eyeing; else, you will never find anyone for dating in this country. 

4. You must meet the family

Gear up for meeting each member of the family once you are successful in establishing a relationship with your desired woman. By introducing yourself with the other members of the family you can win their hearts and this increases the chances of getting into a lifelong relationship with your dream Brazilian man/woman. 

5. Father is important

The fathers of Brazilian women will make you believe, they are raising the bar of over-protectiveness. So, you must do the needful to win the heart of her father. When meeting the family, it is not enough to bring nice gifts for the mother of the woman only, do not forget to present a bottle of liquor or a pack of cigars for her dad, this should do the trick.

6. Cope with jealousy and suspicions

The Brazilian males, as mentioned before, are not the so-called “relationship-friendly” people. Thus, the women repeatedly will spy on your phone, and may even follow you to find your whereabouts. You have to learn to cope with this habit of theirs. Again, she will not like it, if you are looking at some other woman, a sense of jealousy is always there. They think all males are of identical nature going by the local culture. 

Remember,  Brazilian women love getting support, and look for loyalty on their foreign counterparts. If you can make her believe, you have high morals, and a substantial level of maturity, she is yours forever.